About Us

JewishPassings.com provides a daily e-newsletter informing you of the most recent deaths in the Toronto Jewish Community.

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One of the last opportunities to honour a person’s life, is upon their passing. For this reason, notice of a death needs to be far reaching and timely, particularly in the Jewish religion where burials are almost immediate.

Word-of-mouth may not break through to everyone, may not be timely, and can create added stress on the family in mourning. Reading newspaper announcements and checking multiple funeral websites requires effort and doesn’t guarantee readership.

The more convenient solution, provided by JewishPassings.com, is to receive announcements of deaths in the Toronto Jewish community delivered daily to your email inbox.

The goal of JewishPassings.com is to reach out to the entire Toronto Jewish community to ensure a person’s passing can be memorialized by all who knew them. To do this, we ask you to please spread the word to your friends and family.

Note: If you are having difficulty subscribing to the newsletter OR are unable to view any of the pages on this website, please contact: info@jewishpassings.com for assistance.