The History of JewishPassings.com

Around the winter of 2008, a friend's father passed away while I was in Florida and I only found out upon my return. I was devastated by the news, but, even more devastated that I was unable to express my condolences at the appropriate time.

Upon reflection, it occurred to me that if only someone had sent me an email, I would have been informed. And that's how the concept of JewishPassings.com was born.

Some of you may have noticed that our tagline is "Read. Honor. Respect.". These words were selected with great consideration. Our belief is that each and every life should have the opportunity to be honored. By reaching out to "inform" the community of a death, it provides those acquainted with the family an opportunity to "honor and respect" that life. This could come in the form of personal reflection, attending the funeral, sending condolences, visiting the shiva house, or sending a memorial donation.

If you find the e-newsletter valuable, please inform your friends, family, and colleagues. A strong subscriber base will ensure continued service.

Warm regards,
Marlene - Founder