Having been farther removed from news and information about family and family related friends since the passing of my mother in 2012, receiving news of passings through this site has kept me involved and aware and able to attend some shivas that I otherwise wouldn't have known about.

I was introduced to Jewish Passings several years ago. I actually thought it was a good concept as it enabled me to have an instant over view of those who passed away. There were times that I unfortunately missed a funeral or shiva where I would have liked to attend and pay my respects. I find the site clear and concise, easy to read and current. I cannot say it is an uplifting experience for obvious reasons, however it does what it is supposed to do, simply and efficiently. As well, if I have encountered problems or queries, the staff have responded in a timely and helpful fashion.     

I subscribed a while ago and haven't had a chance to write you and tell you how wonderful your site and service are.  Our Donations office has also subscribed and Celia  who manages the Donations Office finds your site so helpful in her daily operations.  I wish you much success with this innovative project.
Margi Oksner, Baycrest Foundation

It is with pleasure that I give a reference to Jewish Passings.  I joined Jewish Passings about four years ago. I actually don't know what I would do without having this subscription. Something I never thought that I would ever want to know about. Having said that, the first thing I do every morning is look at my phone and open your email.  The advantage to having this subscription is a no brainer. It keeps you in the loop (for lack of better words). If you travel, or do not have the time to look up a death, this subscription makes it easy for one to be updated on this subject.  As far as the running of the subscription, it is handled in a timely, professional manner.  I would recommend it to anybody for a convenience. 

Thank you for all your hard work.

Lisa Cohen

I want to thank you for being as accurate as the information you receive.  I depend on Jewish Passings every morning to keep me informed.  I can't tell you how many times I have learned of passings that I should know about. Keep up the good work.
Judi S.
Subscribing to the Jewish Passings newsletter eliminates the concern about missing funerals or shivas. We realize the information regarding the deaths of people close to us will get through, however it is the passing of acquaintances or their family members that often get missed.
This is my second year in subscribing to your newsletter and although I do not relish recognizing names in your daily notices, it is part of life and it is better to know than not to know. Last year I spotted a name from someone who passed in London, Ontario whom I knew from many years ago. Although I missed the funeral, I was able to attend the Shiva in London and meet up with old friends I had not seen in many years. It would have been a missed opportunity which I would have regretted had I not seen your daily posting.
Martin Stoller
Thank you for providing a truly helpful service to our community.  In several instances it has allowed me to become aware of to be present for the funerals and shivas of people who were important to me but with whom I had lost contact. 


We do not subscribe to any newspapers and do not search Steele's or Benjamin's, or Hebrew Basic's website everyday.  This saves us so much time and the cost is so reasonable.  Because it appears at 7am, it makes it easier to plan our day should we want to attend a funeral / shiva. Thank you so much for saving us so much time.Keep us the great work.

Myrna Marcus

Just wanted to say thank you for the service you provide. I am sitting here with my iPad and your email is usually the first email I open up each day.